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What is Gignomai?

Gignomai (γίγνομαι) is an ancient Greek verb that can be translated into to bornto happen, to result, as many other meanings, but the one that made us choose this name is to become. This is our philosophy,  develop in order to become, bring software to the community.

Gignomai CSL was born in 2013 as a personal adventure, almost individual, aiming to be a professional freelancers network of developers, marketing experts and web designers that stands for free software and want to help other projects to succeed, to become what they deserve.

Logotipo Gignomai

In order to achieve that goal we use free software, which allows us to adapt solutions to the  needs of our projects, and be always supported by the users and developers community. We also believe in another social and enterprise model that puts the needs of our clients before obtaining great benefits. Because of this we believe in cooperativism and in the free movement of knowledge as the free software philosophy proposes.

If you want to know more about our services visit our section Services. If you wish to consult us a project, request a price quote or simply know a little more about our cooperative you can find our contact data, and a contact form, in our section Contact.

If you are a developer, web designer or a community manager, who believes in free software and want to become part of this cooperative, don’t doubt and get in touch with us.